The Nkashi Classic was launched as a celebration of the mokoro and the nkashi which is used to propel it. Togher with The Botswana Wild Bird Trust, in partnership with Botswana Tourism Organisation we created this annual event as a celebration of traditional Botswana customs.

Next Event

The Nkashi Classic 2019 was a great success. This year due to low rains and no water in the Thamalekane River, we hosted a Conservation Education day. In partnership with BTO, the Botswana Wild Bird Trust hosted a day aimed at connecting science, community and conservation.

Thank you Ngamiland for coming out to support. Keep an eye out for next years event.

Details to follow. 

Read more about the 2019 event here

Nkashi Classic Game

The Nkashi Classic Game is a simple race along the Okavango river in Botswana, avoiding obstacles like hippos, crocodiles and reeds navigating through various blocked channels and finishing in the fastest time possible. On the way you will have to collect water lilies and the word Nkashi for extra points.

The various stages are through the actual towns in the Okavango Delta, mimicking the stages of the actual race along the way. The faster one makes these decisions the faster the final time will be and a chance to feature on the leaderboard at the end.

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Nkashi 2018 Event Video